Clearwater Real Estate Photography

Clearwater Real Estate Photography

Clearwater Real Estate Photography is usually enjoyable to shoot. There are many pockets of interesting homes and of course Clearwater waterfront homes provide a special opportunity to gain the right look and feel. No matter how many times I shoot luxury homes photography, I still take a deep pride in how the pictures come out. Clearwater, and its upscale neighbor – Clearwater Beach – provides opportunities to make the kind of photos that a photographer love. In Clearwater, aerial photography is often requested because of the many waterfront homes.

Some prefer to call aerial photography Drone Photography, by either name it lets us offer complete photography of homes from the Bay view – and what better way to showcase a waterfront home? Many waterfront homes have a spectacular view from the Bay (or channel) but a more modest street view. That is where a “flying camera” is perfectly suited.  Drone technology, and camera technology has progressed far from the days of expensive toys. Today’s equipment, in the hands of a pro, produces excellent results.

The small airborne cameras do wonderfully in sunlight, and so are perfect for this usage. They would not do well indoors, where a high end DSLR is used to produce high quality images, but they are not expected to. Like all tools, drone cameras are do well when used properly and for the right application.




Mike Cartwright

Mike Cartwright

Mike Cartwright is the principal photographer and has many years of experience shooting mid-level and high end homes. His Father was also a Photographer, and Mike started shooting and developing while still in grade school. His photos are published, has won awards, and have contributed to the sales of many homes. When it comes to architectural photography, Mike is a seasoned pro who can get the right lighting and angles to make your project "pop"!

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