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We are licensed Mike Cartwright Photographyin the State of Florida as a Limited Liability corporation. Our official name is “Gulf Coast Business Webs LLC”. We also have a website at GulfCoastBusinessWebs.com, and it is our main site. The website you are on now, “mike-cartwright.com”, is used by Gulf Coast Business Webs LLC to offer photographic services, and to promote better rank in the major search engines. It is dedicated exclusively to the photography portion of Gulf Coast Business Webs LLC business. Mike Cartwright Photography is used for advertising as descriptive term.

Mike Cartwright Profile

Mike Cartwright Real Estate Photography Clearwater BeachI am Mike Cartwright and I specialize in Real Estate photography. I will give you the ultimate edge in selling your home – A great first impression! Images that present well are not just an embellishment – they are needed to make your phone ring. My job is to help you market successfully! I will find just the right angles, times of day, and methods to light each room for the best images possible.

I am passionate about spending time with a property to bring out its best qualities, and it shows in my photography!

I am a resident of the Nature Coast, a Veteran of the US Air Force, I hold three degrees, and have had a lifelong passion for both photography and architecture. My pictures have helped promote and market many mid to luxury level homes.

My active areas are on the Florida west coast from Venice in the south, Homosassa Springs in the north and Orlando to the east.

Real Estate Photography vs Interior Design and Architectural Photography

I am frequently asked why Interior Designers are priced higher than Real Estate photos. A fair enough question with a very defined answer: The scope of the task is completely different.

A Real Estate shoot Is done quickly and in a set pattern. The purchaser does not get to choose which photos the like and want to keep. Instead I select the best based on my experience. The low price point does not allow for the effort required to interactively involve the client.

But Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects, and Builders are very different. More time is spent at the actual shoot, and I work the client to ensure that the pictures reflect the Client needs. There is a give and take and, when needed, the client is allowed to select from among a set of photos.

Pricing is quoted separately for each business session, and will reflect the anticipated time at the site as well as time spent in post process.

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