We provide measuring services to you through a qualified contractor. We are known for our measurement services and creating on-site real estate floor plans for marketing purposes.

We measure just about anything you can imagine.

SingleProperty/MultiFamily/Home Rentals – floor plans for marketing units to customers via on site or print ads as well as internet marketing through services such as Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow and others.

Remember, how much is your time worth?  We often provide next day turn around and almost always within 2 business days for a cost well below any other provider.

A floor plan is an excellent asset for selling your home and should not be overlooked. If you do not have a floor plan, you will be well served to create one. When a floor plan is available, we place it in the virtual tour as an interactive floor plan. We show small icons of a camera in the various locations where we took photographs. When the prospective client clicks on one of these icons, they see the photo of that room.

Floor plans start at $148.50 for up to 3,000 sq/ft. When you order your photography session, just check the option to add a floor plan.

0 – 3000 Square Feet|:$148.50
3001 – 4000 Square Feet|:$193.50
4001 – 5000 Square Feet|:$238.50
5001 – 6000 Square Feet|:$283.50
6001 – 7000 Square Feet|:$358.50
7001 – 8000 Square Feet|:$433.50
8001 – 9000 Square Feet|:$508.50
9001 – 10000 Square Feet|:$583.50
10001 – 11000 Square Feet|:$658.50
11001 – 12000 Square Feet|:$733.50
12001 – 13000 Square Feet|:$808.50
13001 – 14000 Square Feet|:$883.50
14001 – 15000 Square Feet|:$958.50
15001 – 16000 Square Feet|:$1,033.50

NOTE: The floor plan team is separate from the photography team, and is scheduled separately.

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