Keeping up to date: Zillow’s new Video Walk Through Feature

_MLC2867-HDROne of the hardest things about selling real estate is keeping current with technology and new ways to help market a home.

Zillow just announced a new feature that will help you in several different ways.

The first benefit is obvious – the potential buyer gets a better idea of the home and how rooms interconnect. The second benefit is even better – but not as obvious: Listings with the video walk through will be given preference to those without. This means your listing appears before all of those without video. Location, Location, Location!

The new feature is for a short video walkthrough of the home that is taken with a cell phone (Apple or Android). In fact, Zillow has taken a new direction and will only use cellphone videos. They are not looking for polished and professional, but quick and valuable for the end user. If you have a professional video to upload, it cannot be used.

You are required to have a Zillow account to use the feature, but that is free. There is no Zillow cost for the walkthrough either! What could be better? Top placement and better client interface at no cost!

Mike-Cartwright Photography is a Zillow Digs approved source for the videos. You can take your own video, but why do it yourself when we will do it for you at no charge? We are offering this service at no charge through the end of March! Of course that only applies to our customers who also contract with us to do the home photography for the listing.

While we are limited to using a cell phone, we employ video stabilization to make your walk through look outstanding!

On top of that wonderful offer, we are still offering our February sale of a Free HDR upgrade! Don’t miss out, order now before it’s too late!

Note that you, the Agent, MUST have a Zillow account! The account is free, and having it allows you to approve the video before it is visible to the public. If you do not have an account, then a video cannot be provided.

Mike Cartwright

Mike Cartwright

Mike Cartwright is the principal photographer and has many years of experience shooting mid-level and high end homes. His Father was also a Photographer, and Mike started shooting and developing while still in grade school. His photos are published, has won awards, and have contributed to the sales of many homes. When it comes to architectural photography, Mike is a seasoned pro who can get the right lighting and angles to make your project "pop"!

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