3D Virtual Reality. Matterport, Immersive Virtual Tour –

These all describe the very latest in the smart agent’s toolbox. From the very beginning, real estate sales has been closely linked to available visual technology. Today’s latest technology is similar to (but very different from) the old 3D Panoramas. The older technology had a cool, gee-whiz factor that quickly wears off when the user finds that the images are distorted and like looking through a fish bowl.

So what is the difference? The goal of both technologies is to place a consumer inside a room and let them look around.

The older technology places the viewer in a fixed spot in the room and lets them look around 360°. Some users reported headaches, and almost all users did not like the experience after the gee-whiz factor wore off. The process involved a camera taking multiple pictures on a special tripod head, and then stitching them all together to make them usable to special viewing software. The stitching process, and the viewer used introduces distortions that quickly become annoying.

The new process is completely different, and the results are much better. The new process involves creating a computer model of the 3D space by using a special digitizer that maps the room, the colors, textures, etc. That model is then used to recreate the room for the consumer, allowing them to walk around the room and examine anything they choose.

Users can even wear virtual reality goggles to truly immerse themselves.

It is like the difference between an old TV and a new digital TV. Both seem to do the same the same thing, but the difference is simply amazing.

This process is used in addition to regular pictures, not as a replacement.

It is quickly becoming a secret tool for savvy agents to gain more listings. When you offer a client virtual realty in addition to professional pictures then you gain the marketing edge. It is how you provide better service, and a better presentation.

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