Set up the tour (arrange images, choose music, etc)

Each Tour:
1) Media Tab

a) Log in. All of your tours will appear. Select the tour you want edit. A page with 6 options will appear
b) Click on the “Edit Tour” icon (lower right). The “Edit Tour” page loads with the “Media” tab active.
c) Drag the images around until you are happy with the flow and arrangement. Move any unwanted photos to the bottom of the page and rename them “XX”. Pictures marked with XX will be deleted from your account within 24 hours. For all images that you are keeping, rename the photos as you wish and add any descriptions. The Title and description that you enter will be displayed in the tour. The title will be in a large font and the description, in a smaller font, will appear just above the image as it is presented.
d) You will choose the default image display time and effects later. The options on this page are used only if you want an individual image to have different display times and effects.
e) If you are electing to keep more images than were originally purchased, go to and select “Add-Ons Only Order From” to make your purchase.
f) We will delete the unwanted photos, enable the download feature, and publish the tour, after you complete the above.

2) Tour Tab

a) Click on “Tour” tab.
b) The Tour page opens as an accordion with 3 choices: Tour Info, Media, and Menu Links. The “Tour Info” accordion will already be open. If it is not click on it to open.

c) Tour Accordion

i) Click on the Tour accordion on the bottom of the display
ii) Enter the Tour Heading (heading 1) and sub heading (heading 2). These will display at the top of your tour. This where most agents place the price, address, and a brief summary of features. Note these entries are visible for the entire tour, make them count!
iii) Enter your best property write-up in “Property Description. This will be displayed when a user clicks on “More Info”

d) Media Accordion

i) Click on the Media accordion on the bottom of the display
ii) Choose the music you wish to play (if any)
iii) Choose display time, transitions, autoplay, etc

e) Menu Links Accordion

i) Click on the Menu Links accordion on the bottom of the display
ii) These are the links that are visible when the user clicks on “more Info”. You can choose which links appear, and override the default item.

3) Map MLS tab

a) Select your MLS Service from the drop down, and insert the MLS number in the box.
b) Verify that the address is listed correctly.

Mike Cartwright

Mike Cartwright

Mike Cartwright is the principal photographer and has many years of experience shooting mid-level and high end homes. His Father was also a Photographer, and Mike started shooting and developing while still in grade school. His photos are published, has won awards, and have contributed to the sales of many homes. When it comes to architectural photography, Mike is a seasoned pro who can get the right lighting and angles to make your project "pop"!

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