Twilight Real Estate Photography

The old saying is “You don’t sell the steak – You sell the sizzle!“It is simply hard to beat a well done real estate twilight shot for sizzle. There is magic time in the evening when the sky turns to a deep blue, and is at a lower light level than the lights from inside the home.

This makes the home almost glow, and the effect is spectacular! Twilight photography is (obviously) done at twilight and requires advance set up time. It requires quite a bit of advance set-up if additional lighting is used. As can be expected, twilight photography is more expensive than regular photography, but is the very best way to make a solid and favorable first impression.

I will frequently set up several cameras so that I can catch a couple of different angles. The “magic time” is a narrow window, and there is no time for moving the camera around, so the only way to do different angles is either on different days or with multiple cameras.

The two photos on this page were taken at the same time (multiple cameras). As you can see, there can be several good angles.

Typically, you receive one photo for a twilight shoot. If I have more than one good angle, You will receive the other angle as well. To purchase twilight photography you can go here: Order Real Estate Twilight Photography. Twilight photography is offered as an optional upgrade to our standard real estate photography package.

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